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Call Scheduler is simple to use.

Complex Scheduling

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Call Scheduler's multiple scheduling engines and custom rule builder accommodates the complex scheduling needs of any sized medical group.

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Smart Investment

Smart Investment

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Call Scheduler gives you powerful schedule tools - without the costly extras you don't need or use.

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Call Scheduler has ongoing support.

Expert Onboarding

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Experienced scheduling experts personally guide you through set-up, configuration and scheduling - all from the comfort of your home or office.

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Call Scheduler is fast and easy to set up.

Ongoing Support

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Our onboarding experts are available to help you at any time for free.

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Keep your focus on patient care and your providers happy with Call Scheduler

Creating and maintaining your Physician’s schedule is anything but fun.

You wish there was an easier way. Now with Call Scheduler, there is. Call Scheduler is an online platform that translates your providers’ requests and availability into an accurate, easily managed on-call schedule. Anyone with access to an Internet connection can view the most recent accurate, up-to-date information, whether from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


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Oncall Scheduling with Call Scheduler.

We work with thousands of clients including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practioners, and residents in hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and Canada.

Call Scheduler is used by Womens Health Advantage.
Call Scheduler is used by Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.
Call Scheduler is used by Noran Neurological Clinic.
Call Scheduler is used by Huntsville Hospital.
Call Scheduler is used by Christiana Care Health System.
Call Scheduler is used by Southern Medical Group, PA.