7 Day Clinic - Client Highlight

Challenge: Scheduling providers and receptionist staff for new walk-in express care clinics using an antiquated paper system.  

7 Day Clinic was only a few months old when they realized there was a problem with call. Their healthcare model was unique-multiple locations of walk-in express care clinics to better serve the community. However, their system for scheduling call was antiquated and quickly became problematic when trying to schedule for 15 providers and 16 receptionists between locations. Requests were coming to Anderberg on slips of paper and random messages. It was easy to misplace requests with this system and frustrating for everyone when a request wasn't included in the schedule. Anderberg was stymied with the wasted time and rework involved in keeping track of all requests.

Dr. Bellam, one of the founders of 7 Day Clinic in Fargo, ND, had come from the CentraCare system in Minnesota where Call Scheduler was used to schedule call throughout the medical system. He recognized the call issues quickly surfacing for his new clinics and brought in Call Scheduler a few months after opening. Dr. Bellam chose Call Scheduler because he knew the solution would translate well for his new clinic and trusted in the customer support provided by Call Scheduler.

Anderberg says, "The transition from paper to Call Scheduler was surprisingly easy. The training provided by Call Scheduler was thorough and the product is user friendly. In fact, we've been using Call Scheduler for almost a year now and I haven't once needed to call customer service . . .its just very intuitive" Anderberg had never used a call scheduling software before, but said that it's been an easy transition for all staff and has greatly reduced the amount of miscommunication.

7 Day Clinic is using Call Scheduler and they schedule about six weeks out at a time. With so many employees' requests to keep track of, Anderberg is in the system weekly to keep things updated but says it has greatly improved her productivity. "I used to have to keep track of the slips of paper and never seemed to have everyone's requests when I needed to do the schedule. Now there all requests are in one place and it has made scheduling so much easier!"