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Physicians Go Mobile with iCal Schedules

Posted by Amy Engebretson on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 10:34 AM

FAQ from Providers regarding getting Call Schedules, iCalendars, and SmartPhones
smartphoneHands phone sWhat is an iCal subscription?
iCal is an Internet Calendar Subscription link which you can use to subscribe to a calendar. Once in place, you can view that calendar in Outlook 2007 and various on-line iCalendars such as Google.

iCal links are great for Physicians who are constantly on the go. The iCal “feeds” are periodically updated according to the frequency set in the "target" calendar application (such as Outlook) so the views are always current.

Why iCal?

In a word: simplicity. You have an easy way to “feed” the information to you, and a easy way of taking it with you anywhere you have your SmartPhone or internet access.

For example, you can:  

  1. Merge your Schedules, your Call Schedule, Spouses schedule, and your Kid’s athletic schedule into one calendar view within Outlook or Google iCalendar.
  2. Integrate free “live feed” iCal links from other websites where people host calendars, such as football calendars. 
  3. Find availability for meetings with colleagues or family knowing the iCal”feed” shows where they are already busy.
  4. Use Colorization, Side-By-Side, Overlay and other features of the "target" calendar application to help create views you want.
  5. Be confident you are up-to-date because the "view-only" Call Schedule iCal link is a “live feed”, synchronized automatically by your application.
  6. Change your mind and create new iCal subscription links.

 After I have the iCal link working in Google or Outlook 2007, then what?

Once an iCal subscription link is working in Google or Outlook 2007, you can use the features already supplied with your SmartPhone to "go mobile"!  No special app is needed!
However, be sure to follow the directions supplied with your specific SmartPhone to accomplish this task.

Use your SmartPhone to communicate and manage your daily personal and business activities.  The tiny screen may not be ideal for complex data entry, but it works well for reading information such as text messages and call calendars.

Be the “Techie Guy”. You could be the friendly local person your colleagues contact for additional help, because this "final mile" is hands-on and specific for each type of  SmartPhone.

Who can subscribe to the Call Scheduler calendars via iCal format?

These calendars can be found on websites where people host calendars. On such a website, you can click a link to download and subscribe to the calendar, or someone can send you a link to the Internet Calendar Subscription in an e-mail message. Some secure sites, such as Call Scheduler, require username,password access  before you can create an iCal subscription link.

If you want to stop a subscription, you simply delete the subscription-link from the iCal List within Google, Outlook, or your SmartPhone and you will not longer see that iCalendar..

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