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Common Questions Your Call Scheduler Can Answer.

Posted by Amy Engebretson on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 04:00 PM

tech support3While Call Scheduler values the client-partner relationship and encourages you to call for support when needed, some common tech support calls may be better handled “in house”.

Physicians can save time and frustration by keeping a few simple things in mind before picking up the phone. If the problem falls into one of the following areas, perhaps that tech support call should be a local one.

1.      Practice-Specific questions: During implementation, the Scheduler for your Group became qualified to answer common basic questions for other users. Practice-Specific questions such as “Should I make a Provider Request for ‘vacation’ or ‘dayoff’ regarding this date?” should be addressed by your Scheduler. They also commonly handle change of email address, phone numbers, and password changes.

2.       How-to Questions: Some call schedule software features are used more frequently than others, so it’s easy to forget how to use them. Your Scheduler can be great for local help especially since they can physically see what the problem is, sometimes looking right over your shoulder. Physician Schedulers love on-line help such as how-to videos, vendor blogs, documentation and manuals, since they tend to create the on-call schedule in their off-time. Call Scheduler Refresher Training is offered to ensure that adequate training is provided to anyone needing it, before the “how-to” impasse occurs.

3.       Misunderstanding the software’s capabilities: Sometimes users do not have a clear understanding of what the software can and cannot do. During training, these boundaries were outlined, but over time expectations and/or needs may change. On Call Scheduling software is not designed to “make coffee” and will not suddenly begin to do so. These calls are not really tech-support calls so much as ideas for the next software upgrade. Great ideas come from client-partners and are most welcome, so email them in!

4.       Browser limitations:Understanding the features and preference settings of your favorite browser prevents frustration getting timely support over the phone. Learn the common browser settings needed for printing, such as background colors/images and determining layout. A fuzzy monitor view may be either a monitor setting or a browser setting; both are easily “fixed” locally.

    Problem is NONE of the above? Don’t hesitate to give support a call!
    A Live Support person will make every attempt will made to solve any problem that comes up. Many questions can be resolved quickly, but a few are more in depth and require back-and-forth questions that need to be asked in “real time”.  That’s what we’re here for!

    Key Takeaway:  Some common call scheduling software problems can only be solved “in house” rather than by vendor tech support.

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