Call Scheduler Partners with athenahealth’s Marketplace Program to Reduce Patient Reschedules by Providing Immediate Feedback to Physicians


Saint Cloud, MN – May 23, 2019 – Call Scheduler a provider of rule based physician on-call and shift scheduling software, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s Marketplace program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 160,000 healthcare providers to enable Call Scheduler physicians to get immediate feedback regarding the number of patients to be rescheduled when they request a vacation or day off.  By making providers aware of the number of reschedules Call Scheduler and athenaNet® hope to reduce that number by encouraging providers to make their requests further in advance thus increasing the patient experience.

Ambulatory physicians, and private practice providers who create their physician office and on-call schedules with Call Scheduler can now communicate instantaneously with the athenaNet® patient scheduling system to provide immediate feedback to providers when requesting vacation and time off.  Medical clinics make every attempt to open schedule as far in advance as they can to make it easier for patients to schedule follow-up appointments.  While this is good for the patients it forces providers to get their vacation and day off requests in much earlier than in the past. “Unless a provider asks a patient scheduler, they have no idea how their request will affect the scheduled patient appointments.  This integration is the first step in making progress toward fixing that problem” said Justin Wampach, President of Call Scheduler.  According to Wampach “in addition to providing instant feedback to providers, the Call Scheduler system will automatically communicate with athenaNet® to freeze and cancel booked appointments when a provider request is approved saving the patient schedules a tremendous amount of time and delivers a valuable service to athenaNet® users.

athenahealth is a network-enabled, results-oriented services company that offers medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services for hospital and ambulatory clients. The company’s vision is to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As a Marketplace partner, Call Scheduler joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

To learn more about Call Scheduler’s new integrated application, please visit Call Scheduler’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

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Call Scheduler provides all the scheduling tools a medical practice needs to create and manage on-call and daily work schedules for physicians and advanced practice providers, as well as creating a single source of truth for on-call information in a busy hospital. Call Scheduler’s goal is to make sure the right physician is in the right place at the right time.

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