Baptist Neurology Client Highlight

Challenge:  Combining 4 existing Neurology practices (and 10 doctors)-each with their own Call systems and none with Call software-into one effective and efficient practice.

Douglas Malie, Practice Administrator for Baptist Neurology, has overseen the implementation of Adjuvant's Call Scheduler solution at 3 clinics throughout his career and recognizes the importance of effective call management in relation to the overall satisfaction of the doctors he manages. In a previous position, he'd joined a practice with 26 Cardiologists and 4 Cardiac Surgeons all managing call on paper. There were so many revisions that the call schedule typically would not be finalized and sent out until a week prior. The doctors did not know their call schedule, which seriously impacted the quality of life for the doctors and their families. Malie quickly learned that Adjuvant's Call Scheduler solution was easy to use; made the staff's life dramatically easier; and improved the quality of life for the doctors.

Recently Malie began working with a group of doctors that was forming a new Neurology practice within the Baptist HealthCare System of NE Florida. Combining 4 existing practices and 10 doctors-each with their own systems, policies and technology-presented unique challenges and opportunities. Malie and Dr. Sean Orr, Managing Partner, recognized their two top priorities as having an effective phone system and an effective system for call scheduling before they began scheduling appointments or treating patients.

“Call is such a hotbed for conflict . . . Managing doctors is so much easier when they aren't upset about Call. We just implemented Adjuvant's Call Scheduler and our doctors are already amazed at the organization and structure!”

Malie suggested Dr. Orr experience a demo with Call Scheduler. Based on that demo and Malie's past successes, Baptist Neurology hired Adjuvant to create a custom call process and to install the Call Scheduler product. The day the doctor group signed legal paperwork to officially incorporate, they already had call scheduled out to the end of 2009 and had plans to quickly schedule call for 2010. The doctors in this group had never had call scheduled more than 30-60 days out! They were impressed and excited about the solution. Plus the Call Scheduler Microsite feature will allow the schedule to be published as a read-only document for all staff and doctors from any online location.