Automated, Rule Based Physician Office and On-Call Scheduling

Big or small, Call Scheduler can handle a medical practice or department of any size.

The Call Scheduler platform is so powerful that it can handle scheduling small groups of 2 or a large group of 50 physicians.  The key to our success with groups of all sizes is two-fold.  First is our ability to create unlimited custom rules.  Second is our multiple scheduling engines - two engines to automate schedule creation, using unlimited customized rules.  Our system is so flexible that you can schedule 1 week, 1 month or 1 year at a time (any date range, you decide) in seconds. 

Beyond our customized rules-based automation, other Scheduling Tools Include:

  • Template / pattern scheduling tool
  • Excel import and export
  • Manual scheduling in month and year views

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Below is an example of a complex schedule with 38 providers and 44 assignments.  Use 3-letter initials or full last names of providers!

Complex schedule example 2.png


Below is an example of a simple schedule.  14 providers, 3 assignments.

simple calendar.png