Customer Success with Call Scheduler

To relentlessly monitor and manage the health of each and every customer . . .

Your success matters to us, BIG TIME!  Call Scheduler has a dedicated team to monitor and manage each customers success after your initial on-boarding and training.  We do this to ensure that each customer is receiving the value they expect from Call Scheduler.  

Call Scheduler is a subscription service that requires us to prove our value to you each month and it does not give us the luxury of a large one-time sale and then sayonara, see you at renewal.  Call Scheduler's goal is to make you "Wildly Successful" at creating, updating and communicating physician on-call and work schedules.  Because of this commitment we have very low customer turnover,  approximately 80% of our new customers are still using Call Scheduler after 3 years.  

Here's what you can expect from our team to ensure your team is wildly successful:

  • Semi-annual account health check-ups to evaluate your usage of key valuable features and communication.
  • Intensive Care plans to get you back on track if you lose your way(if appropriate).
  • Annual business review with leadership to understand any changes in your business and how we can help.
  • Provider value surveys (if appropriate) to better understand what's working and what needs improvement.
  • Scheduler value surveys to better understand if our workflow model is in-line with how you do your work.
  • Client driven new feature development to ensure that we have the required features to assist you in scheduling and communicating.
  • Free feature demonstration webinars for your providers.
  • Free unlimited training.
  • Free unlimited support.
  • Work directly with your IT department to assist with installing mobile apps and configuring providers iCal sync.

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