Eastern Oklahoma ENT Client Highlight

Challenge:  Managing multiple layers of call between multiple locations.

Eastern Oklahoma ENT had been managing call schedules by hand paper-and-pen for years. The same managing doctor had been handling call that way for years, but when it came time for a new doctor to take over the old system, change came quickly. Eastern Oklahoma ENT had grown and they were now scheduling phone plus call for ER in two local hospitals and major trauma at a children's hospital. To complicate matters, some doctors had privileges at both hospitals and some did not. The call process was cumbersome and hard to manage; errors were made and communication was frustrating at best. Dr. David Hall was taking over managing the call schedule and decided to find an alternate solution. Through a Google search, Dr. Hall found their solution: Call Scheduler.

Dr. Hall chose Call Scheduler because it is "simple, straightforward and cost effective." Implementation and training happened fast and the entire office quickly adapted to the new process. Dr. Hall's favorite feature is the Tally Feature allowing him to keep track of call, vacation, etc. "Tally allows me to keep tabs on how fair I am making the schedule...it reduces confusion and errors."

Elizabeth Ellsworth, Practice Administrator, appreciates that Call Scheduler is easy to understand and use. She and the head nurse are able to easily access the schedule and effectively track call at any time. She also really appreciates that the physicians can manage their own call from wherever they are. For both physicians and clinical staff, the Microsite allows them to get their questions answered and has reduced confusion and complaints about the call schedule.

While the Microsite adds the most convenience for Ellsworth, her favorite feature is Call Scheduler's flexibility and ability to capture the complexity of their call needs; "I continue to be impressed by Call Scheduler's ability to manage multiple layers of call."

“Call Scheduler is a better use of my time; it saves me from having to undo and redo work as the schedule gets closer to completion.” --Dr. David Hall, MD.  “Call Scheduler has reduced confusion around our call schedule. The Microsite allows all staff and doctors to look in one spot to get their questions answered.” --Elizabeth Ellsworth