Expert On-Boarding and Training with Call Scheduler

It's not just about training, it's about transformation

There are only two things that matter when it comes to on-boarding and training a new customer, EXPERIENCE and EXPERIENCE.  Call Scheduler is simple to use and navigate.  What takes time and experience is transforming your current process from where you are today to using a rule based automated scheduling solution.  Our training team has over 17+ years creating physician schedules, from almost all medical specialties.  Although we haven't seen it all, we've seen most of it.  

Here's what you can expect after the sale:

  • Clearly understand the top "things" you are trying to accomplish with software so that we work towards your goals first.
  • Data collection and data entry.  You can do it or we can do it, whatever it takes to get the job done quickly. 
  • Current scheduling process review and evaluation.  We need to understand how things work today to assist you moving forward.  You do not want a newbie or fresh grad for this task.  You need someone with physician scheduling experience.
  • Quick to value.  We work with you quickly to get your current schedule into Call Scheduler so that your providers and staff can begin using Call Scheduler immediately on their phones and other devices as we work with you on automating your next schedule and developing your process.  
  • Written process development.  When you have completed training we will give you a written document that outlines the step-by-step process to creating your physician schedule using Call Scheduler.  Most clinics don't have this documented today.  This helps in case someone is out sick or gets hit by the proverbial bus.
  • Unlimited training.  We will take all the time that is necessary for you to learn how to use Call Scheduler to your satisfaction.  We're not in any hurry.  We are even happy to train in a new employee who will be the new scheduler.
  • Unlimited support.  Call us anytime you need help or a refresher.  No question is too small or big for us to help.  Whatever it takes to make you wildly successful.

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