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by Justin Wampach

Oncall Software Company is socially responsible, is your company?

Posted by Justin Wampach on Thu, Oct 13, 2011 @ 03:13 PM

KAH food packageAdjuvant and I have been actively involved with Kids Against Hunger of Central Minnesota since February 2005 just after the Tsunami in Indonesia. A small group of concerned Central MN citizens banded together to provide relief by way of "rice and soy" hunger packs. We raised nearly $30k and packaged over 285,000 meals with 1,000 local volunteers.

In 2010 the same group assembled to assist in the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti. We were so fortunate to have done an event like this before; we just needed money and volunteers. We assembled 3,000 volunteers, and almost $100,000 in a 2 day marathon packaging event in Central MN. We packaged and shipped 1 million meals to Haiti.

Kids Against Hunger most recently committed to sending 1 million meals to The Horn of Africa to help the starving women and children in leaving Somalia for a refugee camp in Daadab, Kenya. This event will take place on December 3, 2011 in Central MN.

Kids Against Hunger also holds bi-monthly packaging sessions at its local warehouse.  I currently serve as Board Chairman of Kids Against Hunger because I believe in the mission of the organization and as a community leader, I and Adjuvant want to send a message.  WE CARE!

The reason I share what I have done with this organization is to highlight Corporate America's responsibility to create social capital in and for their community.  These events have not only feed the hungry throughout the world, but it has brought great volunteer opportunities for everyone from ages 6-80. 

In the community where I live we have a very large Somali refugee population, volunteer efforts like Kids Against Hunger give members in our community a chance to meet and work side-by-side with someone new to the community.  We see it as bridge building.  Although it may be a slow process, it is forward moving and we accept that change takes time.

I am proud that Adjuvant, its employees and the Board of Directors support my/our involvement with this organization.  I would not want to work for or own a company that does not share my passion for the community and building social capital.

If you are a customer of Adjuvant and use Call Scheduler or Call Communicator you can feel good that you have partnered with a socially responsible company.  I would also encourage you to have this conversation at your clinic or organization.  Ask yourself, how can you help make your community a better place.

PS:  If you want to get involved helping the Horn of Africa please contact me.  The famine and horror is like nothing you have seen before.  Please help!

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