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by Justin Wampach

Free Call Scheduling Software to Create COVID 19 Emergency Schedules

Posted by Justin Wampach on Thu, Mar 26, 2020 @ 09:22 AM

here to helpAs a physician and advanced practice provider on-call scheduling company we want to do our part in helping the healthcare heroes throughout the USA and Canada battle the Coronavirus.  

We will be happy to assist any hospital or healthcare system set-up and use Call Scheduler to create provider schedules to help you coordinate your response to the virus.  Free of charge and no strings attached.

Many of our current customers are setting up auxiliary schedules to manage tent triage teams, medical students and retired doctors joining the medical staff in the ED or nursing units. 

Call Scheduler can be configured and set-up very quickly and you could create an emergency schedule in less time that you can with Excel or paper.  The major benefit is that your schedule will be available securely online for your entire team to view and reference. 

Providers can use our mobile app to see when and where they are scheduled.

In the event one or more of your providers gets sick and cannot work, we can work with you to easily reconfigure the schedule with your remaining resources. 

Call us at 877-435-8826 to begin at no charge.  No contracts to sign.  This is not a marketing pitch, we are offering our services to help health care systems manage their heroes. 

-The Call Scheduler Team