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by Justin Wampach

How Easy Should it be to Set-up On Call Software?

Posted by Justin Wampach on Fri, Mar 22, 2019 @ 02:34 PM

easy buttonI get asked this question all the time from prospective customers.  Why do some companies have to come onsite to set-up and configure their new on call scheduling software?  It’s a great question.  I’m not sure I have the perfect answer, other than to assume that it must be pretty complex to configure, right?

Set-up and configuration is always something to be considered when designing the initial user experience.  At Call Scheduler our software was conceived by a Doctor (Patrick, Zook, M.D.) who wanted to develop a tool for doctors to simplify the complex practice of creating a schedule for themselves and their partners.  Dr. Zook knew how much time he had to spend on getting up and running, and it was hours rather than days.

Dr. Zook as a practicing physician has always reminded us “non-medical folk” how fluid the field is.  The changes come fast and furious.  There are very few periods of stagnation when you’re running a clinic or medical group.  What I mean by that is there are always new physicians coming and old ones going. New services are being contemplated.   New locations are being opened.  Even new regulations being enforced.  Imagine how many changes that can result in, especially when you are talking about physician scheduling.  Imagine how expensive this could be if each time something changes within your organization, you needed to have “Engineers” come on-site and make changes.  Seems unnecessary.

If you think about software such as, Constant Contact, BaseCamp, and other complex systems that offer a lot of customization.  Usually what you will experience as a new customer is an “onboarding” expert who will walk you through the set-up and configuration process over the phone using a tool such as Zoom or Gotomeeting.  All of the tools have the ability to be “self-configured” but more often than not, users feel more comfortable calling support to make major system changes.  This is the process that we use at Call Scheduler.

In the book “Tuned In” the authors would argue that requiring a lot of onsite or up-front work is such an antiquated method of set-up and is a sign of not understanding your customer’s business.  Whether you are training a doctor, or clinic manager, these people are so busy, it needs to be easy and intuitive.

So to answer the question, how easy should it be to set-up on call software?  Set-up should be an easy process.  Learning the software should be even easier.  The only part of the physician scheduling software on-boarding process that is complex is configuring “rules” and then running scenarios to see what the results look like.  But, not so complex that it can’t be done easily with a competent trainer who has a lot of scheduling experience on one end, and an eager new customer on the other end who either has the necessary information or knows where to go find it.

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