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by Justin Wampach

Does your call scheduler deserve an Olympic gold medal?

Posted by Justin Wampach on Fri, Aug 03, 2012 @ 09:48 AM

olympicsAs an addicted viewer of the 2012 Summer Olympics I am constantly amazed at the dedication and quality of the athletes in this competition. These individuals, representing the entire world, have worked so hard and many have overcome such tremendous adversities and yet they continue to put forth 100% effort, every time.  Weather they take home a medal or not, they are amazing individuals and deserve our respect and admiration.

As I look around my office I have always seen one individual in particular who stands out from the rest.  Who is this person in your office or clinic?  Why they are so great and what are you currently doing to recognize their hard work and dedication. 

Olympic Contender Checklist for Success

Fundamentally, here are the qualities, skills, characteristics, attitudes, beliefs, and values that will get your name on the list of Olympic contenders. Do you think being considered an Olympic contender is a good thing? You bet. You think right. It is. Good employees garner gratitude, privileges, and success. Why not be a good employee? Here's how: Good employees work hard. They don't work for show like staying late when the boss does or coming in early so that they are seen as hard workers. They just work hard and accomplish a lot as a result.

  1. Olympic contenders tell the truth and have reputations of integrity. They exhibit integrity in every business interaction. You trust these good employees to always tell the truth and to exhibit fundamental integrity in all of their actions and in their outlook. They don't scam the system, shade stories to make themselves look good, or omit details that are less than positive. Trust is the key when you consider an employee with integrity as a good employee.

  2. Olympic contenders seek growth and development. Never satisfied to remain still, your good employees want to grow their capacity as a human being. They want to grow their skills and experience as a valued employee. Good employees want to grow their skills, capabilities, contributions, and breadth of influence, positive impact, exceptional results, and more.

    Nominate Your Scheduler Today 2012 Call Scheduler of the Year

  3. Olympic contenders are accountable. Good employees take responsibility for themselves and their actions and decisions. They don't finger point and blame others for less than stellar performance or results. They don't make excuses or blame a lack of resources when projects or initiatives fail to work out.

  4. Olympic contenders value others. Good employees foster team work, exhibit well-developed emotional intelligence to understand other employees and work situations, and listen to reinforce that they value other employees.

  5. Olympic contenders seek to expand their reach and contribution.  Not satisfied to do just their job, good employees exhibit the desire and the will to contribute more to their organization. They help other employees who fall behind. They ask their boss for additional responsibilities and opportunities to add value.

  6. Olympic contenders are committed to continuous improvement. Not content with the status quo, good employees constantly look for ways to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Each project is reviewed and analyzed. Good employees learn from and change their approach and actions based on the success or failure of their initiatives.

Here is an easy way to reward your Olympic contender, nominate them for the 2012 Call Scheduler of the Year Award.  This prestigious award is given to one dedicated physician scheduler for their outstanding dedication and hard work in creating, maintaining and publishing their physician call schedule.

Key takeaway:  Reward hard working employees, they have earned it!

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15 things you can do to show your call scheduler that you care

Posted by Justin Wampach on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 @ 09:57 AM

thanks for being a good call schedulerShowing your on-call scheduler that you care about them and appreciate their hard work will be rewarded in improved morale and productivity. Try some of the following suggestions:

  1. One of the best things you can give your on-call schedulers is the gift of time in the form of an afternoon off or a "free” day off.
  2. Recognize events. Birthday cakes, a balloon bouquet when a baby is born, or flowers when a family member dies all show that you appreciate them as a human being.
  3. Approved down-time: 15 minutes a day to do “personal stuff” such as phone calls or checking their personal email or Facebook. This should be in addition to the scheduled breaks.
  4. Help them grow their network by introducing them to company executives and important clients.
  5. Consider two hours of bonus pay for every month of perfect attendance.
  6. Provide drinks. All the time. A water cooler, coffee, even soft drinks and juices. All. The. Time.
  7. For a Friday afternoon break, bring in ice cream and toppings for an "ice cream social". Have a variety of toppings to make it more fun. 
  8. Nominate your physician scheduler for an award, local or national. Google “Call Scheduler of the Year”.
  9. Have a health awareness contest. One great example is a walk-a-thon that the City of Dallas sponsored. Employees set goals based on the number of steps walked each day, and the City awarded the top achievers free gym memberships.
  10. Consider a contest based on job performance, with a similar award.
  11. Get your CEO on board with calling outstanding employees personally and thanking them. 
  12. Every day, write a note for one employee. A post-it note with a specific message such as “great job for over-performing by 10% yesterday” is ideal. Put it on his desk when he’s at lunch. Make sure you touch every person in the office at least once per month.
  13. Bring food whenever possible. Homemade cookies. Donuts. Stuff to make sandwiches.
  14. Create a private library (one bookshelf will suffice) of business, self-improvement, and motivational books. You can start the library by going to thrift stores where books are usually $1 or less. Allow employees to permanently borrow books and encourage them to bring books to donate back to the library. 
  15. Give Monopoly money when goals are reached. Allow employees to save up and “spend” the money on inexpensive items in the “Superstar Store”, which can be as simple as a box in the boss’s office. Store items can include:
    • Candy, popcorn, and other snacks
    • Movie tickets
    • Gift certificates for restaurants or a free car wash
    • Cool office supplies

Most of these ideas are "little things". But seemingly small gestures can go a long way towards retaining valuable employees who fill your critical key positions.

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