Why is Call Scheduler a lower price than some competitors?

Sophisticated but not costly! 

Mid-sized hospitals and clinics throughout the US and Canada need a physician software scheduling solution that is sophisticated but not costly, and easy to implement and maintain.  These healthcare organizations need a vendor who truly understands and supports their business objectives for technology, and who provide right-fit solutions. 

Look, we know that a low price isn't everything.  But it is important in today’s healthcare systems where we hear that medical groups and physicians are getting squeezed to do more work for less pay.  Therefore, budgets are so tight that many of you are creating physician schedules at home during your weekend unpaid time.  We are here to help. 

Most of our new customers are making their first transition from paper/Excel to automated scheduling software, we "right sized" Call Scheduler so that we are not duplicating other systems that are already in use and working today. What that means for you is a lower price to schedule your physicians.  

Call Scheduler has every tool you need to quickly and easily create, manage and communicate a physician schedule.  We're able to offer our solution at a lower monthly price because we have eliminated the fluff.

Our system is not only easy to learn and use, but we have also tried to make it easy to buy.  No long-term commitments, no large up-front fees, no long legal documents.  Low per provider pricing, paid monthly with a credit card is about as easy as it gets. 

Why pay more for features you're not going to use?  Get your project approved quicker by buying a "right sized product".  Are you looking to duplicate systems or efficiently and effectively create, manage and communicate physician schedules?

Call Scheduler can be tailored to your needs, let us explain how! Request Consultation