Our Physician Scheduling Software solution for medical groups

Here is a small sample of our tools used to create and manage physician shift and on-call schedules (remember its just a sample, schedule a demo to see Call Scheduler in action).

Call Scheduler Feature Why it's Useful Screenshot

Unlimited Custom
Rule Builders

This is your opportunity to configure individual physicians’ rules to automate creating your schedules, and can be changed on the fly as your practice’s scheduling needs change!  Don't worry - if your practice needs a new unique rule, we will build it for you!  Rule builder


We offer 2 Scheduling Assistants/Scheduling Engines, which automatically assign providers’ shift assignments using unique algorithms to ensure fairness and equality, along with honoring vacation and day-off requests.  Oh, by the way…an entire year for 1 assignment (such as Primary Call) can be scheduled in about 30 seconds! SA run

 Scheduling Tools

Scheduling manually or making changes is easy.  We offer both month and year views.   We also have the ability to show who is available and who is not, and why.  This makes selecting the right provider easier. manual scheduling

Day-off and Vacation Requests Settings

Manage staffing and set limits to how many providers can be out of the office on any given day, as well as the number of days-off or vacation days each provider can request and have approved.  Call Scheduler will automatically communicate overages to the providers when they make their requests.

request settings editor

Day-off, Swap &

Vacation Requests

Allow your providers to easily request day's-off, vacations, preferences and swaps from their laptop or their phone.  

Schedulers can easily approve or decline requests, search archived requests, and automatically communicate this information to the providers.

provider view

Viewing Schedules from your computer

We offer 17 different schedule views.  There is something for everybody.  If you need another view, we'll add it for you.  whiteboard choices

Viewing Schedules from your smart phone

 The Call Scheduler smart phone app is available for both iPhone and Android.  Physicians can view schedules, make day-off requests, check tally reports and swap all from their phone. group schedule phone

Tally Reports to Prove Fairness

Tally reports are available to both schedulers and physicians.  We offer several pre-configured reports as well as a custom report builder. Current tally

Text Notifications

Automatically remind your physicians of their upcoming assignments via text message. reminder list

tiger badge transparentTigerConnect Messaging

Communicate with providers using the TigerConnect secure messaging network.  Send messages directly from Call Scheduler to providers who use the TigerConnect app. message window with message 3

EMR Integration

Providers gain Instant feedback when making a day-off request   regarding # of patient reschedules.  Upon vacation and time off approval automatically freeze appointment slots and receive notification of canceled appointments for rescheduling.



EMR Integration

Integrate into your EMR or practice management system to allow automatic blocking of physician schedules into your patient system. api

Remember this is a small sample of our tools used to create and manage physician shift and on-call schedules, click below to schedule a demo to see Call Scheduler in action.