Creating one-source-of-truth for on-call information in hospitals 

Here is a sample of our tools used to aggregate and manage physician on-call schedules for Hospital Emergency Departments

Call Scheduler Feature Why it's Useful Screenshot

Custom Views

Customized views for hospital users, including: individual specialty calendar views, specialty merged views as needed, for example:  the ED, Surgery, Telecom, or Obstetrics. microsite

Merged Daily View

Automatically aggregate all of your departments’ physician on-call schedules into a centralized, dynamic merged daily view.   hide events toggle

Smart Change Editor

 Give your team a simple, on-line, intelligent form to complete when after-hours schedule changes occur. This documentation is EMTALA compliant. schedule change example

Visualize Schedule Changes 

Call Scheduler makes schedule changes visually clear to all viewers.  Timed changes automatically roll-back when the change time expires. change editor

Provider Protocol

Each provider can have a unique private protocol that will display only when that provider is on service.  Use this for standing orders or private phone numbers.   protocol

tiger badge transparentTigerConnect Messaging

Communicate with providers using the TigerConnect secure messaging network.  Send messages directly from Call Scheduler to providers who use the TigerConnect app.  mdv message 2 with phone

tiger badge transparentTigerFlow

Automatically sync your TigerFlow Roles with Call Scheduler calendars auto-update each Role without any manual data entry.  Roles cs sync example

API Integration

Easily integrate Call Scheduler into your existing systems such as credentialing , secure messaging or EMR via our Public API. api