Our Enterprise solution for hospitals and health systems

Here is a sample of our tools used to aggregate and manage physician on-call schedules for Hospital Emergency Departments

Call Scheduler Feature Why it's Useful Screenshot

Custom Views

Customized views for hospital users, including: individual specialty calendar views, specialty merged views as needed, for example:  the ED, Surgery, Telecom, or Obstetrics. enterprise microsite

Merged Daily View

Automatically aggregate all of your departments’ physician on-call schedules into a centralized, dynamic merged daily view.   hide events toggle

Smart Change Editor

 Give your team a simple, on-line, intelligent form to complete when after-hours schedule changes occur. This documentation is EMTALA compliant. schedule change example

Visualize Schedule Changes 

Call Scheduler makes schedule changes visually clear to all viewers.  Timed changes automatically roll-back when the change time expires. change editor

API Integration

Easily integrate Call Scheduler into your existing systems such as credentialing , secure messaging or EMR via our Public API. api