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Why switch from PAPER to SOFTWARE?

Save Time, Cost, & Valuable Resources

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Spend Less Time Creating Provider On-Call Schedules. Automated, rules based workforce software, accessible online, from any device, with instant and up-to-date access for your whole clinical team.

Spend Less Time Creating Provider  Schedules.
Save Time, Cost, & Valuable Resources

1.Our development is client-driven, and our features and pricing reflects that fact. Our monthly subscription fee is significantly lower than other vendors, and is focused on the tools that you need and will use most often. We have not added features that are easily duplicated in other systems, such as phone systems, credentialing systems, or payroll and accounting software.  With Call Scheduler, you are paying for what you use most – not a bucket of tools that you may never use.

2. Call Scheduler designed our onboarding process with your busy schedule in mind! Our team of “scheduling experts” draws on years of experience to help you through this process in a seamless manner, all while keeping the value of your time in mind.  Our software is designed to get you set up, configured, and trained in a few one-hour remote training sessions.  Never fear, we will take all the time you need to do the job correctly and efficiently!

3. Our software is intuitive to use. When software for physicians is designed by physicians, you can tell the difference.  Call Scheduler’s terminology and process mimics real schedulers needs and expectations.  It’s about the little things.  Call Scheduler has everything you need to create a solid physician on-call schedule, change as necessary, and communicate that information accurately.

4.We listen, but also lead. Our team is not only passionate about on-call and technology, but we are experts in the field of physician scheduling and on-call management.  Our experience working with prospects and clients throughout the USA and other countries, gives us this expertise.  We work closely with all stakeholders when we design and develop new features!


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