Tall Grass Orthopedics Client Highlight

Challenge: Inheriting a cumbersome paper-driven call system with poor communication processes and evolving it into an automated and efficient technology driven call system: Call Scheduler.

Brad Rea has had this challenge before. Needing to find a solution for call while administering a previous clinic, Rea had done his own research and asked colleagues for recommendations for the best call scheduling solution. All answers pointed to Call Scheduler. Rea was told Call Scheduler was not only the best technology solution but also would provide the most comprehensive customer service. Rea championed and implemented Call Scheduler at that time and was amazed with the results. Call Scheduler not only made his life easier, but also greatly enhanced call communication between all providers, staff and outreach locations.

Recently, Rea began working as Practice Administrator at Tall Grass Orthopedics in Topeka, Kansas. With this 6 provider clinic established in the 1950's, Rea realized he was inheriting an antiquated call system relying on paper and cumbersome communication processes. All requests were submitted on slips of paper and post-it notes and any time just one change was made, notification via email would need to go out individually to all hospitals and outreach locations they served. Rea was calling Call Scheduler within the first few months.

The doctors at Tall Grass Orthopedics were admittedly apprehensive in the beginning. They had varied experience with online software and were used to the paper system; however, Rea stressed the importance and time saving abilities of the software. A decision was made quickly and Call Scheduler was installed. A few doctors did continue to submit call on paper slips even after Call Scheduler was installed . . . but only for a short while. The doctors immediately saw the time saving benefits of anytime access and quickly were on board. In addition the hospitals they serve were thrilled with the ability to have one link to click and access the up-to-date call schedule.

When asked what sets Call Scheduler apart, Rea doesn't hesitate to site the customer service and training. "We love how patient and accessible they are. Their trainers make you very comfortable with the technology. They’re friendly, patient and thorough . . .and available whenever we need them."

Call Scheduler is likely to have the greatest impact on the Practice Administrator's role, which is why Rea's favorite feature is the 'Provider Rules'. "Call Scheduler works with you to develop the provider rules over time. They understand that it will take us time to work out all the details and they are very patient and thorough during this process. The rules are set up to make sure everyone's happy and no one screws up-including me! The rules are my insurance policy and the technology greatly improves my productivity".   "If your clinic takes call from more than one hospital, Call Scheduler will greatly enhance communication and your ability to serve those locations. You send one link for them to access and you're done! For specialists, Call Scheduler is a must."